Recently when I posted that less than 100 out of the 52,000 gyns in the US had been identified as doing effective endometriosis surgery, I heard from a group of gyns who were offended by the comment. Yet as we discussed my comment, what came out were a variety of comments that support my position. They knew of “subtle appearances” and indicated that guided their practice. But some do not operate on colons, bladders, ureters or diaphragms nor did they have consultants to assist with disease in this area. some did not feel removal of mild disease was even warranted.
Still some do not operate in the lower pelvis, do not refer for pelvic pt, do not refer for pelvic pain management and despit the signs and symptoms of peritoneal inflammation do not believe in pain medicine to assist with coping of peritoneal quality pain. (bloating, paleness, severe pain, slowed bowel, nausea, restlessness, rebound tenderness or painful pelvic exams). Endo causes peritoneal inflammation and there is not a med student or nursing student on the face of the earth who have not been taught to recognize peritoneal signs and symptoms. Most would treat it aggressively. Some dismiss it as just her period. Try living with appendicitis constantly, or a dozen grains of sand in your eye for a lifetime.

To relieve pain, all disease must be removed. One has to know not only what it looks like, but where it is found. I was surprised to hear so many physicians will see it as a disease of the ovary, but statistically, the ovaries are 7th and 9th in order of frequency of involvement, not first. So knowing where disease is found is a big step toward being effective surgically. Additionally, having either surgical certifications to operate on all areas endo is found, or a stable of consultants able and willing to do so is another huge factor in outcomes. Recognizing endo lies beyond the pelvic cavity is also major.

Today in the support groups nearly every day, I hear from women who have been castrated (total hyst) and yet have endo type symptoms. Yet they are told over and over there is no way endo can be present after a hyst. Yet there are a number of studies that show us endo can and does persist after hyst if it too has not been removed. Too often the hyst was done to treat the endo. (without excision of endo implants elsewhere). There is ample evidence that removing normal tubes, ovaries and uterus does not ease endometriosis pain nor does endo dry up and go away after castration. There are good reasons to do a hyst, but endo is not one of them, and the long term impact of hysterectomy is not ofset by estrogen replacement when it comes to bones and heart. (as I understand it).

What women seem to want is compassionate understanding of how severe the pain is, to not be told medical therapy treats endo (we know it doesn’t), to not by hysterectomized for endo treatment when removing lesions skillfully works much better. If their doctor cannot do skilled excision surgery, they express a desire for referral for pelvic pt to a certified womens health therapist, and or to a surgeon doing skilled removal of disease.

Pain management may lead to dependence, but rarely abuse, and it often allows women to get up off the couch, put their heating pad away, and get back into life.

When we say we want effective endo surgery, we are looking at a desire for prompt diagnosis, compassionate understanding of the severity of pain, and skilled removal of disease. This comes out in the discussions every day, multiple times a day, and is critical for the industry to begin to understand. Drugs do not treat endo, most of the side effects are unpleasant to say the least, and the altered hormonal states unacceptable to most.

Nancy Petersen


About nancynursez637

retired, disabled nurse, who has spent the last 15 yrs working on being able to garden despite the disabilities and continued pain,
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